Aluminum Composite Panel


Aluminum composite panel (ACM), is designed to give you endless options when it comes to wall cladding panels.

The composite aluminum panel consists of two layers of 0.4 mm aluminum, painted with 2 layers PVDF Fluorocarbon (Kynar 500) of 28 microns and an align of 1,100 with a polystyrene center (LDPE) of 3.2 mm.

The ACM panels are truly unlimited when it comes to colors. We are able to transform your imagination into reality, by matching the colors you’ll want into something totally personal. 


Due to the light, rigid and flat construction, the aluminum panel turns out to be the best option for façade, wall, architectural cornice, columns and sign coatings among a-lot of other uses. The easy installation provides great versatility to cover any type of structural buildings; being straight or curve, considering the ACM as an exceptional solution for any project.    

We do have a wide range of solid colors, metallic finishes, stone, wood and we even generate specific colors defined by our customers.